Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal Amsterdam

Laser hair removal for permanent hair removal? At Laser & Skin Therapy, we have the training, a lot of experience and state-of-the-art technology. We work with the leading laser that guarantees virtually painless hair removal. This highly efficient laser targets the hair root and provides virtually permanent body hair removal within a few treatments.

We provide fast results and safe treatment. Hair removal has never been so easy and comfortable. Never wax, wax or shave again? With our laser, we offer permanent laser hair removal of the areas of your choice for just about anyone. Expert guidance guarantees optimal and long-lasting results.

By choosing Laser & Skin Therapy, you are choosing:

  • Virtually painless hair removal
  • A permanent hair reduction in which the hair roots are burned, preventing them from growing back
  • A treatment that can take place in winter as well as summer
  • A solution for just about all skin and hair types

On average, 6 to 8 treatments are required for optimal hair removal. The exact number of laser treatments depends on the area to be treated, your hair color, your skin type and the thickness of the hair.

Laserontharing Amsterdam

Prices laser hair removal face

Upper lip€ 39
Chin€ 39
Neck€ 49
Sideburns€ 39
Cheeks€ 49
Whole face€ 169

Upper body laser hair removal prices

Underarms € 59
Nipples € 39
Forearm € 125
Whole arms € 199
Belly stripe € 49
Abdomen and chest € 175
Belly € 79
Shoulders € 75
Upper or lower back € 79
Whole back € 175
Back and shoulders € 239

Lower body laser hair removal prices

Bikini line€ 85
Pubic area€ 125
Lower legs and knee€ 159
Upper legs€ 175
Upper legs and bikini line€ 249
Whole legs€ 250
Legs€ 149
Buttocks€ 39
Feet€ 49

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